Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eco-friendly Idea: Bring your own cup!

There are a few restaurants we dine at that give you a paper or styrofoam cup to drink from when you dine in. I've always felt that since I normally drink water it's really wasteful for me to use a throw away cup with my meals...

My solution? I went to the drugstore and purchased a hard, clear, plastic cup. So far I've found at least 4 restaurants we go to on a regular basis where bringing my own cup comes in handy. The restaurant staff have always been really cool about it and I just bring it home with me when we leave. Perfect.

I'm happy that I have continued to think of ways to make dining out a more eco-friendly experience. Past ideas have included bringing my own to-go containers and travel chopsticks :) If you have any other eco-friendly dining out ideas to share please leave them in a comment. I'd love to hear them and be inspired!

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Eileen said...

I have just a few:
-Bike or walk to rather than driving to the restaurant. If you need to drive, try to carpool.
-Pack a cloth napkin instead of using a paper one.
-Support restaurants that promote being plastic-free and serve local organic food

Tinygami said...

"-Pack a cloth napkin instead of using a paper one."

Oh my gosh how did I not think of this one before???

Will have to do some research to find out which chains are plastic free. I'm sure there must be a list somewhere :)

Would love to ride a bike to get to more local places but with my luck I'd get hit by a car so if I can't walk I drive :)

Thanks so much for the great suggestions!

Amy Frugoli said...

I have also noticed that some places are using the eco friendly cups made of corn. Pizza My Heart does for sure.

I have a reusable coffee sleeve and reusable stirrer that I use when I go to coffee places.

Oren Arieli said...

When my wife and I travel and are staying in hotels, we generally share a single entree and a few appetizers. I always eat more than her, and we would normally end up with leftovers. Leftovers aren't very convenient when you're on the move (and eating out nightly). So we end up saving money, calories, food, and packaging.

Tinygami said...

Amy, my hubby also reuses his coffee sleeves :) I think Cafe Macs at Apple also uses the corn cups but I try to remember to bring my cup there too. Even though it is biodegradable the energy made to manufacture them makes it worth the effort to me to use as few as possible.

Saving money and saving the planet. That's a win-win Oren!

Evonne & Darren said...

You are such a great model, Stacie... I have to start bringing my own cup and chopsticks/utensils to restaurants from now on.