Friday, November 24, 2006

Doing my Civic Duty

So a few days ago I was walking my dog near my boyfriend's house. With fall upon us I was enjoying the brisk air, the leaves crunching under my feet and the smell of natural gas.... HUH? I thought to myself. Did I just smell gas? I walked back but the scent was gone.

Two days later my boyfriend and I were walking past the same exact location when once again I smelled gas. I made him come stand beside me and asked him if he smelled it too. He said yes. I said we better go home and call PG&E and he said "Don't be such a Looky Loo."

In actuality he meant "Busy Body" but was confused. He's Canadian.

I chose to ignore his comment and did call PG&E to report the odor. The next day my boyfriend said he walked by the house and two PG&E trucks were there digging a big hole in the driveway of the house, right next to the street.

I walked by there again today and guess what? No gas odor.

So I would like to think that my phone call as a concerned citizen, not a Looky Loo, possibly saved an entire neighborhood from blowing up.

Edited to add: OMG my boyfriend made me change the spelling of Lookie Lou to Loo! Being Canadian he should prefer the "Lou" spelling since they like to add the letter "u" to all kinds of words it doesn't belong in. But he says he pronounced it with the "oo" not the "ou" to which I can only say: Yeah, ok, like it matters?

Sunday, November 5, 2006


So last month I went for my first annual mammogram. Was it fun? Not really. Was it uncomfortable? Kind of. Should every woman over 40 have one? Absolutely!

So don't wait. Make an appointment to have one today.

Oh by the way... My results were good. Nothing suspicious to worry about!