Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yup that's right! Kitai and I are flying out to NYC this afternoon to be on the Today show tomorrow morning! He was selected as one of 6 finalists in their pet Halloween costume contest! We'll be in NYC for less then 24 hours because I've barely spent time with my new hubby since we got married last Thursday!

Oh yeah, I have a TON to blog about the wedding.... It was Fun, Flirty and Fabulous!

Luckily my new hubby is so proud of Kitai being on TV he doesn't seem to mind that he's been upstaged for a bit.

When I return I'll tell you all about the wedding. LOL.

WIsh us luck!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Funny how you forget...

After receiving my gorgeous hat from my friend Corinne Okada the other night it reminded me that 5 years ago I modeled her second hat for her in a photo shoot. WOW 5 years ago! I love this picture yet I'd forgotten all about it. It's amazing what professional hair styling, make up and photography can do to make a girl more photogenic. LOL. Since then Corinne has made some truly extraordinary sculptures.

Corinne's "thing" is that she uses recycled materials to create her wonderful art. Mostly she uses Chinese and Japanese candy and food wrappers but also incorporates Asian news print, comic books, salvaged scraps of fabric from local fashion designers and anything else that suits the theme and purpose of a given commission. Then she sets to work with wire and pliers and creates a frame that she will cover with her mixed media selections which vary from project to project.

Have you ever seen anything else like it? I haven't. Her work has sold coast to coast and beyond. She's the most prolific artist I know, always working on a new commission every time I talk to her.

She's amazing!

All photos copyright © George R. Young

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Want to Vote for my Dog?

So I've entered my pooch in the Dogster.com World's Coolest Cat and Dog contest. If you have a minute and wouldn't mind voting and giving him some 5 paw ratings that would be fantastic!

Normally I limit his participation in contests to once a year at Halloween but I've finally realized that the more exposure he gets, the more exposure his website www.CutestDogEver.com gets. Why does that matter? Well it's because his website is all about letting people know what great dogs there are, just like him, sitting and waiting for new homes in animal shelters everywhere!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I LOVE my new hat!

Who says a bride has to wear a veil when she and her gal pals go out to celebrate?

So instead of having a bridal shower or bachelorette party I decided I wanted to celebrate my upcoming nuptials with a simple girl's night out. We went to a fabulous restaurant, Zibibbo in Palo Alto, and just had fun. My friends Christina and Corinne arranged a wonderful evening for all of us.

Normally the bride to be wears a veil to such an event. While I had plenty of veils in my own showroom I didn't wear one. Why? Because my very dear friend Corinne Okada made me one of her beautiful, original design, Flower Hats to wear for the evening. It even lit up in the middle! It was so fun wearing it! I felt like SJP from Sex in the City in my oh so chic and unique creation. I even wore it home in the car, lit up, so I could show it to my fabulous fiance the second I walked through the door. LOL.

He thought it made me look very Japanese. Maybe in part because my blouse was of a kimono style.

I had a great time enjoying a wonderful French cheese plate with fresh honeycomb and a fig pizza for dinner.

I can't wait to wear my hat again! I think I'll wear it to the next Martini Madness event I go to. They're at night in dark swanky lounges. The perfect place to wear a hat that lights up. LOL.

I swear I have the best friends ever!

Christina made these cute table decorations. She even learned how to make origami hearts just for me!

Photos by: Corinne Okada, Christina Dominguez Chapman and Mwa

My Dog is on the TODAY show website!

Yup he's on the TODAY show website as a contestant in their Halloween pet costume contest. I'm not sure how the contest works or who votes for the winner but if he wins we get to go to NY to be on the TODAY show! Better then that? Click on his photo and you'll see the info they included... Which has his url to his website in it! www.CutestDogEver.com

I'm crazy happy freaking out here! More people will see what great pets shelter dogs can be by visiting his site. They will also see the info on Levi and Uncle Buck who my dogster pals and I are in the process of rescuing from a Kansas kill shelter and if they go to CDE they can read about his new Spay and Neuter Fund I'll be launching at the end of the month!