Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I MET INXS... AGAIN!!! The Los Angeles Road Trip...

Here are my tickets and backstage passes from the L.A. shows... It really makes you feel like you're a "Sombebody" when you get to cruise past security and go backstage. If you ever have the opportunity I highly recommend the experience!

Well L.A. was awesome! The concerts were at the Greek Theatre and even though our seats didn't come close to the second row view we had in Berkeley, the shows themselves were fabulous!

We got to go backstage again and saw Kirk Pengilly, JD Fortune, and Tim Farriss before the show started the second night. Kirk asked how the BBQ went and gave me a hug and Tim gave me a kiss on the cheek! Ha ha my sister is going to be soooooo jealous! After the show we said hello to Andrew and I got to meet Jon Farriss for the first time. He shook my hand and chatted us up a bit. He is as nice as everyone else in the band.

JD's leg seems to be on the mend. He was limping a couple of times onstage Friday but not noticeably at all on Saturday. Turns out he tore his ACL when he slipped on some water onstage at a previous show. Despite the pain he holds nothing back from his performance. I'll say it again... That boy has got some moves!
We are looking forward to a new album next year and many more concerts to come...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


First off let me say the show was absolutely fabulous. If they are coming to your city go see them! They're awesome! Plenty of new songs from their recent release "Switch" and hit after hit of their older material all performed by new lead singer JD Fortune. He's got some voice. I can see why he won Rock Star: INXS.

And thanks to my Fabulous New Boyfriend (FNB) who has been friends with the band for going on 9 years now... I got to meet the band after the show! YAY! Not only that but before the show we were shocked to find second row tickets waiting for us when we went to pick up our VIP passes to go backstage later. It was all completely surreal...

I met Kirk Pengilly, Tim Farriss, Andrew Farriss and JD Fortune (In that order) and got to shake all of their hands. At the end of the night Kirk even gave me a hug. Poor JD was in pain after the show as his leg was injured, not that you could tell watching him perform on stage that night. That boy has got some moves.... Some are pretty nasty, but in a good way! LOL! And when my FNB told JD that I had listened to "Afterglow" 38 times in a row after buying it on itunes, he looked deeply into my eyes and sincerely thanked me a couple of times... He also congratulated us on our three months of dating anniversary. Hee hee... It was too fun!

My FNB had invited them by Evite to a BBQ he was having the next day. Tim replied to the Evite that they couldn't come... And when he saw us he mentioned again that he was sorry they couldn't make it but they had a show to do that night in Sacramento.

At the BBQ everyone was pretty much green with envy that we had such a great time the night before. There is a story about a radish... I'll share it with you in a future post.

The best part is that they couldn't have been any nicer. Like I said at the beginning of this post, if you have the opportunity to see them... Get your friends together and GO! You won't be sorry. DId I mention that Scott Stapp, former lead singer of Creed was their opening act. So we got to hear "Arms Wide Open" performed live, which was yet another really nice surprise that evening.

Now we're off to LA to see them again... I am an official INXS groupie!

Ha ha ha, on a side note I was also mistaken for actress Sandra Oh while we were backstage... Yet again... I could do an entire post about how many people have said I look like her or have mistaken me for her. In fact I will do one soon as it's pretty darn funny.