Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Had Dinner With Nancy Pelosi

Well to be more precise I had dinner back to back with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. As Speaker, she ranks second in the presidential line of succession. My friend Carl Mindling and I were in San Francisco last week... We were sitting in a booth at the Grand Cafe at the Hotel Monaco in downtown San Francisco...

It was about 4:00 pm before the dinner hour when she and another woman came in and sat down in the booth beside mine with her back facing my back. Too cool. As we ate we watched her security detail scoping out the restaurant near the entryway. They had those little ear pieces with the little cords tucked into their trench coats.

So we continue eating and the Curran Theatre lets out... They're showing Jersey Boys... The place fills up with a bunch of people who had been at the show. All of a sudden two guys walk into the restaurant and sit at the table next to ours. The whole place breaks out in applause because one of the guys is Eric Bergen one of the stars of the production.

How funny is that? We had dinner with The Speaker of the House and a Broadway star.

From there we went around the corner to Slide a swank bar and lounge that is part of Ruby Skye a premiere Nightclub and Special Event Venue. We were there to attend a Martini Madness event. It was such a blast! It's always fun to see friends and have fun networking at the same time. Our fabulous host, Duncan Reyes was launching his new website for his business F. Duncan Reyes Events.com