Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Oregon Trail

Oh my gosh. I'd never heard of this game before which apparently means I was spending a lot of time under a rock. One of my friends discovered it on Facebook and started sending out invites to everyone. Have you heard of it? The object of the game is to complete the Oregon trail as a 19th century pioneer. You can either be the wagon leader or one of the settlers traveling from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon's Willamette Valley by way of the Oregon Trail via a Conestoga wagon in 1848.

In theory it sounds almost educational, which is how it began. Truth be told now it is an incredibly fun and addictive waste of time. I am refusing to become a wagon leader, waaaaay too busy to oversee a virtual wagon but I have shot more then a few virtual buffalo, deer and birds to help feed the settlers. But my pals, ooooh my pals have all fallen hard into the game.

Many of them are starting to show their true colors. A couple of them are inviting some of their Facebook pals to play, not because they want to travel with them but because they want to eat them when they run out of food. How wrong is that? They also steal from each other taking oxen, food and ammunitions. When they catch each other stealing they kill each other. But like any good cartoon, people are magically restored to life to travel yet another leg of the journey.

If you're on Facebook and someone sends you an invite to join their wagon??? Ignore, ignore, ignore. LOL.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SPAM saved my friend's life!

SPAM can be many things. Usually SPAM is annoying, frustrating, the bane of my existence (I get close to 600 in my email each day), and a potted meat product.

But have you ever heard of SPAM saving a life? Look no further. My friend Rich Amooi was saved from serious harm when his email dinged and he got up to check to see who had messaged him.

Turns out it was SPAM. A moment later this tree fell through his roof and ceiling landing right where he had been sitting. It probably would have hit his legs. You may never look at SPAM the same way again. In fact I'm considering turning off my SPAM filter if it'll help me to live longer.

Just sayin'...

When I showed the pic to my hubby he was less philosophical than I. His first response was... "Wow those are nice doors!"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Loretta's Flamin' 40th Birthday

Looking for a hot way to entertain your guests at your next party?

Wow, was all we could say at my friend Loretta's birthday celebration last night. A while back she and her sister had taken a fire eating class. They asked me if I wanted to join them. LOL. Uh, no thanks! I would have but my sword swallowing class was on the same night. Anyways, for her birthday celebration Loretta decided to go with a Tiki Theme and incorporate her new talent into quite a show for her guests! It was really amazing seeing my friend and her sis, eating fire! Imagine a couple of your best friends shoving burning sticks into their mouths. It was kind of freaky.

Before each attempt they would run the flames up and down their arms and forearms. They said it was a way to "befriend" the fire. It also burned all of the hair off of their arms which prompted me to suggest befriending the fire under their arm pits and up and down their legs. Heh heh. Why not kill two birds with one stone right?

In any case here are the photos of the spectacular fire eating show we were treated to. It was a very "flirty" idea to break out of the humdrum cake and ice cream kind of birthday party.

Here is where they took the class The Crucible in Oakland, California.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Gorgeous Couture Linens!

What a night! What a party! I just got home a bit ago from a truly extraordinary event. Have you ever heard of Wildflower Linens?

A Los Angeles based company that works many of Hollywoods top events, Wildflower is the creation of Youngsong Martin a dynamo of a woman whose vision has elevated table top design to a new level.

The chair covers were stunning! I can only describe them as couture clothes for furniture. My favorite was the one with a bustle up the back like those pictured at left. The sample in the show room was in fuchsia dupioni silk. Other imaginative covers were corset backed and beautifully draped designs.

The table covers? AMAZING! Youngsong uses beautiful fabrics one would never imagine using as table covers for fear of spills and stains. Some are original designs, the rest are a veritable rainbow of the most ornate, elegant and unusual fabrics I've ever seen! From embroidered and beaded organza to cut out appliques and solids of countless textures and finishes one can't help but be truly impressed by the sumptuous offerings of Wildflower Linen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who on tv.......

If anyone were to ask me who on tv am I most similar to I think most people would expect me to say Sandra Oh because before my hair got really long I was mistaken for and told I look like her on a fairly regular basis. I even did a blog post about this phenomenon. So while some may think I look like Sandra on the outside, on the inside? My long lost twin would be Duff Goldman from the hit show "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network.

What makes Duff and I similar? Other then that we both have cartoon images of ourselves online? Without a doubt it's his "Can-do just tell me what you want and I'll figure out a way to make it" attitude.

The Food Network describes Ace of Cakes this way:

"About the Show
By shaping cakes with drill saws and blow torches and staffing his bakery with fellow rock musicians, Duff Goldman is not your typical baker. Yet he's one of the most sought after cake makers in the country. From a tilted Dr. Seuss-like-seven-tiered-wedding cake to an almost perfect replica of Wrigley Field, he and his team of artists dish up sugar and spice in the most unexpected and entertaining ways"

My pal Aramndo first told me about the show and Duff's remarkable cakes, followed by my girlfriend Christina a few days later. I finally recorded a few episodes on the ol' Tivo and couldn't help but gasp "My People" when I saw the way Duff and his staff took on every order, some traditional, others whimsical some downright bizarre and could only think to myself his bakery, Charm City Cakes, is the closest business I've ever seen to my own The Flirty Bride custom design studio.

Over the years I've had some unusual requests. Many of these clients came to me after being turned away by multiple designers and seamstresses. But like Charm City Cakes I love a good challenge and immediately begin seeing in my mind how to make a clients vision become a reality.

Oh and when it comes to really off the wall designs? I think some of my most creative ideas come forth each October when I make my dog his couture Halloween costumes to go trick-or-treating in.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1000 Origami Cranes

The latest update to the Flirty Ideas on TFG...

A symbol of good luck to the bride and groom at Japanese American weddings, a Thousand Cranes have become more popular and mainstream crossing ethnic boundaries and are popping up at weddings of all ethnicities. In the past I've been commissioned to make several sets of 6 foot high cranes for non-asian weddings. I think the tv show that really spread the idea, years ago, was an episode of Northern Exposure. To this day people will reference the episode called "The Wedding" from 1992, where the cranes were used as church decorations for the wedding of Adam and Eve.

In any case I encourage everyone to learn to fold cranes because it's really fun to do. And especially cool for your own wedding when you can make all 1000 of them for yourself.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oooooh I Want One! The Macbook Air

It's the Macworld Keynote in San Francisco this morning! As usual I'm online reading the Live Blog on Engadget, clicking every minute so I can watch the keynote in almost real time. So far the most exciting thing Steve Jobs has announced is the new Macbook Air notebook. The thinnest notebook in the world! It's so thin it fits inside of a manila envelope.

Now do I need this computer? Absolutely! Carrying my Macbook Pro around is exhausting. It's not that heavy, until you've been carrying it around all day on business meetings. Funny how it starts off feeling ok, but an hour later it's gained about 5 lbs and my shoulder gets so sore I have to carry it in my hand! *Gasp*

The new Macbook Air would probably alleviate that problem for me. I'm putting it on my wish list. Hmmmm I have a birthday coming up.... Sure would make a super birthday gift. I know my hubby reads my blog because he's subscribed to my RSS feed so maybe he'll read to the bottom of this post and grab a clue. Hey Honey! *waving* LOL.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Harlot... Who me?

Well last night I went to Harlot in San Francisco. It's a modern goth ultra lounge that honestly? I'm still not sure I'm actually cool enough to hang out at. I had spent the day in the city meeting with industry peeps and ended at Harlot.

It was POURING rain but I still had a great time. It actually reminded me a lot of the week I spent in Paris. *Sigh* I loved Paris. Anywhooo...

Why would a flirty girl like me go to a place called harlot? Well it was time for another Martini Madness event hosted by my friend Duncan Reyes. I really liked this place. The atmosphere was so swanky I felt like I was in New York, the staff from the doormen to the coat check attendant to the bar were all exceptionally professional and very cool. 

And of course a LOT of cool people from the wedding and hospitality industry were there. Leave it to host Duncan Reyes to find and arrange these ultra fun, ultra lounge get togethers. 

That night I met a lot of new people, amongst them Andrew Hsu from MSV videography. I'll be attending his upcoming "relaunch" party soon. I'll keep you posted on how great it was because I'm already certain it will be great fun.

I also did my best to inspire more people in the industry to take up blogging. I'm very puzzled by those who are resisting. I will concede it's not for everyone, but, like it or not blogging is here to stay. The debate on whether to blog or not to blog I'll save for a future post because I have plenty of thoughts to share on the matter.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Treasure Hunt Has Begun!

That's right! It's finally here! Here's how it works:

Each week the treasure chest icon at the bottom of the page will be hidden somewhere on the The Flirty Guide website. All you have to do is find it!

1. Peek around the site until you find the treasure chest below. (The two samples in this post are not the one you are looking for.) Click on it to return to the Contest page.

2. Use the form on the Treasure Hunt Page to send in your first name, email and the name of the page the treasure chest was found on.

3. You will be entered to win that weeks fabulous prize! The winner will be chosen by random selection from all of the correct entries received. Each week the prize will also be chosen out of those displayed on the Treasure Hunt Page, along with the winner, by random selection.

So check back each week and hunt down the new location of the treasure chest for your chance to win!

Official Contest Rules

This month's prizes include an iTunes gift card, a Starbucks gift card and an iPod Shuffle!

<--- Sample Treasure Chest

Saturday, January 5, 2008

TFG is for Everyone!

Here's a TFG update for you! Did you know The Flirty Guide isn't just for brides? It's for people throwing: Stylish San Francisco Soirées, Corporate Celebrations on the Peninsula, South Bay Birthdays, East Bay Dinner Parties, an Oceanside Beach Bash, Wine Country Weddings, and Elegant Everyday Details.

Now launching our fun Party Guide & Everyday Ideas. I'll be updating these pages weekly so make sure you check back!