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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trailer Decorating: Pulling double duty

The Glampette is so small that many items will be pulling double duty. For some the second use is purely decorative. Take his cute yellow pansy cushion that will sit on the bed next to my pillow during the day. It's just cute!

It's sitting on the fabric I'm about to sew a duvet with for a small down comforter I already had. The duvet will be backed with a pink sheet that matches the mattress cover I made and when it's too warm out I can unzip the duvet, pull the comforter out and use it as a lightweight blanket.

But back to that little yellow flower. . . When you stand it up it's still cute but less flower like. . .

Because wait, it's not a cushion!

It's a DIY toilet paper roll cover that I threw together with some extra fabric I had.

I also made some temporary curtains for the drive home so that I'll have some privacy. The windows on the trailer are tinted dark grey so I made these yellow sheers and a set of blackout curtains for night time in case there's a bright light outside my window that makes it hard to sleep. I'll post a picture of the blackout curtains once they're done.

The TP cover is so glampy I love it! If you want me to make a tutorial to show how I did it just let me know in the comments and I'll put one together for a future post.

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