Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I found a frog!

Today I went out to my garden to check on how the pumpkins were coming along and chase grasshoppers out of the enclosure when I spotted a frog! I'm pretty sure it's a Pickerel Frog after consulting with Google and the Michigan DNR (Department of Natural Resources) website. It made me soooooooo happy! I'd seen him before outside the garden tucked under the framing but today there he was, just hanging out under the beet greens.

Seeds planted late, but not too late, on July 1st

By the way if you were to ask me "How does your garden grow?" I'd reply "Bonkers!" I'll do a post soon with pictures of veggies and things I've made with them but for today I took a break from my ArtPrize project to share this little guy with you.

Radish, beets, beans, parsley, and Hokaido pumpkin.

Do you see him? He's on the top edge of the side board in the center of the picture  under the beet greens. Can I tell you I'm over the moon happy with all of the beet greens I've been harvesting? I actually enjoy eating the greens more than the beets!

I ran in the house, grabbed my camera with its zoom and macro lens and raced back out to get these shots.

I didn't have to hurry. This little frog was perfectly happy to sit and pose, even for close ups. Another day, another frog. Michigan makes me smile so much :)

The toads and frogs are just one of the reasons why I am set on keeping an organic garden. Pesticides would definitely have an adverse effect on them and they're two of nature's best pest control methods if you're lucky enough to have them come live in your garden.

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