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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tap, tap, tap went the bird attacking my window

It's no wonder I have a hard time sleeping in. Three mornings ago, just a bit after 6:00 AM I heard a tap, tap, tap on my trailer. At first I couldn't figure out what it was.

Suddenly, I noticed a little bird sitting outside the window, pecking at it with its tiny beak. It would flit from one side of the trailer to the other, battering its wings against the glass before grabbing hold of the window frame as a perch and peck, peck, pecking the tinted glass over and over again... For over an hour!

I wasn't certain but figured it must be mating season and this male Dark-eyed Junco was attempting to ward off an encroaching male, aka himself as the bird he was seeing each time he saw his own reflection in the window glass. It would also drop down and peck at the trailer's hubcaps. A bit of research on Google and my suspicions were confirmed. At first it was really cool but, after a while, it was equally annoying.

Here's a video if you'd like to hear what it sounded like.

Even when I opened the curtains and tapped back on the glass it didn't frighten him away for more than a few seconds.

Eventually I laid my rain tarp over the trailer sideways and lashed it down. I was beginning to be concerned that the bird's beak would damage the tint on the windows. That did the trick.  But the next morning again a little after 6:00 AM came tap, tap, tap...

I thought covering the windows would be enough... But he remembered the interloper at my wheels.

Over and over he would go from side to side of the trailer and fly towards my baby moon hubcaps. . .

As he neared the "other" bird he would raise his feet and strike with his tiny talons and his beak. Like this. . .

The next morning I had to cover the hubcaps with fabric. That did the trick. Hopefully he'll move on, find a mate, or as the article I linked to says, his hormones will drop and he'll become less aggressive/territorial.

Still, it was neat (almost a little magical) to have a tiny bit of wild nature come so close. At least this bird wasn't nearly as loud as the Mocking Bird that kept me up for nights on end years ago. It's not legal to capture or harm a wild bird so I'll leave the tarp up for a few days to dissuade the little guy from returning. If not I'll have to try a few more suggestions I found online of how to stop my new feathered aggressor from attacking The Glampette.

Never a dull moment :)

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