Sunday, April 5, 2020

Health Update 2020

First of all I'm doing just fine. I've moved well beyond the space of fear and am once again thriving and moving forward with my life.

A brief update about the untestable, inoperable, bilateral, grade 2, deep, thalamic gliomas discovered in April 2018 during an mri for an unrelated issue. What does that all mean? That I most likely have inoperable brain tumors, one on the right and one of the left side of my brain that extends to the midbrain. That because they are grade two it means they usually, eventually progress to become astrocytoma or glioblastoma, two of the most aggressive types of brain cancers. I say most likely because they cannot be biopsied due to their location. But two radiologists, two neurologists, two neuro-oncologists, and a neurosurgeon all concur that that is what the three mri's, one with spectroscopy, revealed.

The macrobiotic diet and lifestyle I adopted several days after learning of the mri results almost immediately resolved the chronic facial pain issue I'd been dealing with for over 7 years called trigeminal neuralgia. Before changing to a predominately whole food, plant based diet, I had pain flare ups 3-4 times a month that would last 3 to 4 days each time. Since removing processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, all meat except small amounts of fish, active yeast, and even specific fruits and vegetables, those flare ups now occur as infrequently as every few months for 4 to 8 hours at a time.

I also included what I hope is a hopeful message for those who may receive bad news during the Covid-19 pandemic. It relates to the inability of hospitals to continue to or initially treat cancer patients due to overcrowding in hospitals, staff shortages, and because chemotherapy causes patients immune systems to shut down making them more susceptible to infections like the coronavirus so it's too risky to have them entering hospitals where Covid-19 patients are being treated. I wanted to share that there are other ways than surgery and chemo that we can use to empower ourselves to try to slow or halt the progression of a condition until the treatment people want, can be performed.

Just some alternative/holistic modalities people can investigate and consider are:

Functional Medicine
Gerson Therapy
Integrative Medicine

I hope everyone can stay home, safe, and well during this crisis. For those who still go to work each day to help sustain infrastructure deemed necessary I thank you with deep gratitude. I acknowledge the risks you're taking to benefit society and know that it's a debt that can't ever really be repaid.

Links to things I'm most frequently asked about are:

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