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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Whatever holiday you celebrate I want to wish you a very happy one.

I celebrated last week by eating this chocolate Kara's cupcake that was frosted with crushed peppermint. Every holiday is better with a Kara's cupcake right?

Last week I made a trip up to San Francisco and took this photo of the tree at Ghirardelli Square. That's where the Ghirardelli chocolate shop is located. It was a perfect night. Cold, but not too cold :)

And here's Kitai enjoying a holiday backdrop.

Even better here's Kitai playing on snow! Yup, that's real snow brought in once a year to a holiday festival for kids to enjoy. At the end of the night, after the kids are cleared from it but before the snow is plowed into dump trucks, there's a brief window of time where dogs are allowed to play on the snow. Kitai loves it and gets all jumpy jumpy and digs little holes in it.

Mmmmm and I baked my favorite oatmeal gumdrop cookies. They are so YUM! I think you can use any oatmeal cookie recipe to make some that are similar. Just cut up 2 cups of orange slice gumdrops into small pieces. As you cut them (I use kitchen shears) drop the cut pieces into a bowl of flour so they don't stick together, then drop the contents of the bowl into a wire strainer to sieve out the gumdrops from the flour. Add them to your batter right before spooning the dough onto the baking sheets.

Last night we saw these Christmas lights. LOL the yard was covered!

This may be my favorite tree I've seen this year. Located in a donut shop I thought it was so cute with skull ornaments and a felted octopus tree topper. Very unique and the pink metallic tree was definitely flirty!

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