Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Betelnut, San Francisco

4/28/13 EDITED TO ADD: Betelnut is back! After closing and reopening as Hutong the owners decided to go back to being Betelnut. YAY!

2/24/13 EDITED TO ADD: Betelnut restaurant has closed. It will reopen as Hutong restaurant in March 2013.

Have you ever been to Betelnut? The restaurant is no secret. It's not tucked away down a little alley in an undiscovered part of San Francisco. It's smack dab in the middle of the trendy Cow Hollow Union Street shopping district (Not to be confused with Union Square), and has been there for years.

(Served HOT! Note the steam rising off the right side of the plate.)

So I'm always surprised when I meet anyone, especially people who live in San Francisco, who have yet to discover this asian fusion gem. I've known about the restaurant for years, and for years my favorite dish on the menu is the szechuan green beans. The humble green bean has never tasted so good. They're a side dish that I order, with a bowl of steamed rice, as my entree each time I dine there.

It's easier to get a table at lunch. For dinner the wait can be looooooooooong not that it's not worth the wait because it is. I'm just usually too hungry to wait too long when it comes to dinner time. A girls gotta eat.

On this lunch visit we also sampled the Chili Crusted Calamari appetizer with fried red (sweet) and green (HOT) chili peppers. SO GOOD! You have to go try them. I can't wait to go again.

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