Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wow! More then 12 people read my blog!

Those of you who blog know how it is. You live your life, add a post and wonder how many people will actually read it.

If you're a hugely successful blog like CrazyAppleRumors.com you know a LOT of people read you based on the number of comments you receive. Me? I get a few comments a month, usually from the same 6 people who email me instead of posting them here and sometimes they tell me when they see me that they liked a post. So because I don't receive a lot of comments I had no idea how many people were reading my blog.

Then last month, January 12th to be exact, I installed Statcounter and promptly forgot I did. I was checking out the Google Analytics on The Flirty Guide when I noticed that TFG had over 100 visitors who came to the site by clicking over from the blog! Huh? 100 visitors = at least 100 readers right??? 100 PEOPLE HAD READ MY BLOG??? I was floored. Then I remembered the statcounter. I logged on and I swear you could have knocked me over with a feather. It showed my humble little blog had had 2407 page loads, and 1912 people had visited it!

According to the stats 87 were return visitors and 1825 were new to the blog.

*Gasp gasp thud*

Are you serious? Here I thought like 12 people were reading my blog on a day to day basis. And my mom is not one of them. She never knows what's going on in my life. I always ask her "Did you read my blog?" She just giggles and says "Oooooo no but I should shouldn't I?" LOL.

Sure some of those hits are probably me maintaining my blog, and at least one is a friend who told me she's read the iphone post more then once because it makes her laugh. But seriously I'm blown away that so many people even know my blog exists!

Now if I can just get some of you to start leaving comments... Instead of emailing them to me. LOL. If it makes any difference, you don't even have to register to leave a comment and you can be anonymous, your initials, a stage name, or the name you wish your parents had named you as your identity. (The latter is another thing I can post about someday as I once tested out a new name at Jamba Juice. It didn't go so well because by the time they called out my order I forgot that I'd given them a fake name.)

Even if you don't leave a comment. Thanks for reading my blog! I'm so excited I could eat a Moon Pie. Or not. Yeah, probably not would be best.

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victoria said...

I love your blog stacie! I don't think there's an obvious comment link though if you're looking at all of the entries. :) I had to click the time stamp.

Tinygami said...

YAY A Comment! :D

LOL thanks Vicki, you've left quite a few in the past and I appreciate it!

Hmmmm I think I'll make a screenshot of the comment link... That might help some readers find it.

On the bad news front I just found out that Crazy Apple Rumors is on a "hyena." I hope they come back. I love that site. I must have last looked at it right before they began taking a break.