Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Love my iPhone but...

LOL I just entered this blog post in a funny new contest sponsored by Amanda at "Shamelessly Sassy" one of my favorite blogs to read just for fun. The theme of the contest? "Embarrass Yourself for $100." I think I might have a shot. Actually I think this is the kind of contest you really don't want to win. Because it means you're kind of an idiot. Heh heh heh... So here goes...

I thought an iPhone would make my life perfect. Well maybe not perfect but it would make me happy and would be really cool to have. Little did I know there is a dark side to the phone that nobody talks about.

A few weeks ago I was sleeping when my super cool iPhone rang. Then it buzzed there was a message. I did not know how to use my iPhone because I had just got it for Christmas so in a sleepy haze I hit the button thinking I was listening to voicemail. Nope I called the person back. So turns out it was my landlord calling to see how my move out was coming along, like what day did I think I'd be out. Here's what happened next. It was classic:

Him: Hello

Me: nothing (remember I think it's voice mail)

Him: Hello

Me: nothing

Him: Hello Stacie

Me: nothing

Him Hello... Hello.... Stacie

Me: (To my hubby) It's some weird guy saying my name over and over on my voice mail.

Him: Hello Stacie

Me: (To my hubby) OMG this is so weird! This is the strangest message! I wonder who it is.

Him: Hello Stacie I can hear you're there.

Me: (To my hubby) Oh my gosh now he's saying he can hear I'm there in the message but thinks I wasn't saying anything back! Why would someone think I was there and not speaking?

Him: Stacie It's Neal!

Me: (To my hubby) OMG It's my crazy landlord leaving me a weird message! (Just for the record: My landlord was a very nice guy and very sane. He never showed any signs of being crazy. Ever. That was just my interpretation of the weird message that seemed crazy...)

Him: Hello... Stacie.... Can you hear me? I can hear you!

Me: (to my hubby) OMG how long is this message?

Him: Staaaaaaaaaacie!

Me: (At this point I'm convinced that my landlord has lost his mind.)

Him: Stacie, it's me Neal, you called me back.

Me: (to myself) Huh?

Him: This is not a message.

Me: Neal? What? Wait! It's you? I thought you were a message on my voice mail.

Him: I know you did. Did you dye your hair blond?

Thank goodness he thought it was hilarious and said no apology was necessary. Ooooh boy! What a doosie that one was. LOL. But hey, life's too short and if you can't laugh at yourself you're going to miss out on a lot of fun times. Well, at least I would.

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victoria said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha.. i couldn't stop laughing when you first told me this story and reading it again still cracks me up. :)

Tinygami said...

Thanks for the comment Vicki :o) Glad to help people find a reason to laugh. The last time I spoke with my now ex-landlord he was still laughing at me about it.

Another friend emailed me and said she almost fell off her chair she was laughing so hard. From now on I should tag the funny stories "buckle up" so nobody gets hurt. LOL.

Lisa..... said...

That is the funniest story!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I found your site through shamelesslysassy.com.

Thanks for sharing this embarrassing moment. I think I'll be laughing about it all day long!

Tinygami said...

Thanks Lisa and Dingo!

Other funny thing is how all of your friends become comedians after you tell them a story like this. For the week after "the incident" whenever they or my hubby called me on the phone? I would say "Hello" and they would say "Stacie, this is a real person calling you... I am not a voicemail." LOL