Friday, February 15, 2008

Embracing Diversity the Flirty Way

You know that old saying? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" Well it's so true and more often then not those around us find more beauty in us then we see in ourselves. It's kind of sad really, how so many of us end up with warped body images by believing all of the hype around us whether it be from our peers, the media, or our families.

Well all I can say is I love diversity! It's what makes the world interesting! When it comes to people, petite through plus, of every ethnicity, age and gender, with handicaps and without, with different hobbies and interests... You're all flirty people in this flirty world!

How does "Flirty" translate? To me it means someone who knows how to embrace the concept of expressing her or himself in a truly carefree and positive manner. Someone unafraid to flirt with all of the wonderful and endless possibilities that life has to offer. Being flirty isn't about attracting the opposite sex. It's not an age or income level. It's a state of mind. It's about being daring and having fun as YOU define who you are.

I will continue developing new flirty girls and guys until eventually everyone will see themselves represented somewhere on The Flirty Guide.

Here on TFG I feel it's important for everyone to be represented and embraced for exactly who they are in the moment, not who they might want to be someday. That song by Christina Aguilera? Beautiful. Love it! We can all gain or lose weight, change our hair color, get a nip or a tuck, dress up or down but no matter what we do? The essence of who we are at our core, our personality, character and heart? Are always the same. The only thing that really changes is our perception of how we view ourselves.

So the next time you look in the mirror? Try to see who you are, not just what you look like, then smile because if you're here reading my blog, chances are you are one fabulous and flirty individual!

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Michael J Downey said...

Wow. Well said. I guess that answers the question of what you've been up to. You go gurl. It's such an important banner you're carrying, especially right now. Individually and collectively, I think we're kinda going through an identity crisis, and it's voices in the wilderness like yours that bring us back to ourselves.
Thanks for your good work, flirty gurl.

Tara said...

AWESOME!!!! You'll be one of the first to do this!!! ; )

Tinygami said...

Thank you Michael and Tara. It's great to know others feel the same way :o)