Monday, February 25, 2008

The Most Evil Gift of All

Leave it to my friend of the Dumba** wineglass fame to send me a truly evil gift. We were chatting online with some other friends a few weeks ago and someone mentioned Moon Pies. I posted that I love moon pies, especially the banana and vanilla ones but I don't eat them anymore because for a short period of time a few years back I had a serious Moon Pie substance abuse problem.

It all began in Monterey, which is a good hour and a half from where I live. I was there for a jewelry show that evening. I arrived early and went to get a bottle of water when I spotted some Moon Pies at a corner market. Childhood memories flooded back as I hadn't eaten one, or even seen them in a couple of decades! I bought one lonely little banana Moon Pie which soon spiraled into me becoming a Moon Pie addict, popping into seedy liquor stores and gas stations back in San Jose as they were the only places I could find locally that sold them. I had a glass cookie jar that I kept stocked with them and more in a cabinet.. And during the worst part of my habit I would eat several a day. I just couldn't get enough of them.

Finally after several weeks my housemate staged an intervention. Well that might be exaggerating a little bit. My high school teacher, friends, family and neighbors weren't there. Basically he told me I better knock it off because it's really unhealthy to eat like 4 to 6 Moon Pies a day for several weeks in a row. LOL. The thing is I normally eat very healthy food so for me to become dependent on a sugar filled treat to get me through the day was unheard of to my roomie.

With his encouragement I did give them up and had not even been tempted since. Especially because I had never before the incident and never since gone into liquor stores. Nor do I go into gas stations anymore. I just pay at the pump. *Sigh* now I have 12 of them sitting in the other room. I seriously don't know what to do with them.

She suggested using them as a prize in The Flirty Guide Treasure Hunt.... But I want people to enter the contest and I fear if they know a dozen moon pies are one of the prizes, especially after I let my dog sniff all over them, nobody would enter that month. LOL.

I'll probably eat them. I'll wait until I have a really bad day then eat all 12 in one sitting. Then it won't become like a habit eating one a day. I'll just get it over with real quick. Like when you pull a Band Aid off really fast.

Think that'll work?

And yes, that is my dog Kitai, the Cutest Dog Ever.com helping me to open up the package and check things out. I bet if he ate one he'd get hooked too.

And just so you know. If anyone else sends me any Moon Pies? I am donating them to the Second Harvest Food Bank where a few weeks ago I volunteered for a food sort for the first time. It was a very strenuous work out! If I had the time I'd volunteer every day. It would be like a gym work out but would serve my community better then me just doing sit ups at home. If you ever have the opportunity through a group to volunteer or just do it on your own you should try it. It felt great to be doing something to help my local community.

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victoria said...

awww Kitai looks so adorable, I want to kiss his mouzzle. :D