Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kira and Ken - How Barbies Date

LOL so here is the latest Flirty Idea I posted on The Flirty Guide the other day. It's a video my sweetie and I made to show at our wedding reception recreating the awkward courtship we endured which led to our dating. CLICK HERE to read more and to watch our funny video. Some might call it a romantic comedy though at the time it felt more like a docu-drama. I hadn't dated for 3 years when my hubby began asking me to "coffee." I'd been way too busy running my flirty little empire so it took quite a bit of effort on his part to wear me down and convince me to go out with him. LOL It only took one date and I knew he was the real deal :o)

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Anonymous said...

Lmao! This is so fab! I love the way you acted it all out with Barbies, maybe I will use this as inspiration for when I tie the knot one day...hehe
I love Barbie too, I collect!
Kudos {{{{***}}}}